Volunteer Recruitment!

Suzhou garbage sorting hand shooting challenge 2.0 is waiting for you to challenge!


In the past year and a half since the implementation of waste classification in Suzhou, 4882 communities in the city have been fully covered by "three determinations and one supervision", 13700 clean houses have been built, and the assessment of star rated communities for waste classification has been carried out. Other wastes have increased negatively, and the Ministry of Housing and Urban Rural Development has ranked first in the assessment of prefecture level cities. For public institutions, enterprises and institutions and residential areas that can not keep up with the performance, it has played a role in promoting points by law. Since the implementation of the Regulations, the city has dispatched law enforcement forces for about 270700 person times, educated and dissuaded about 260500 violations of waste classification, issued more than 100,900 rectification notices and nearly 72,000 administrative penalties, with remarkable results in rectification and warning. Lvse Jiangnan Public Environment Concerned Center united with Blue Map to "promote points by shooting" to shoot the real-time situation of community waste classification by recruiting waste classification volunteers in Suzhou, and witness the progress and change of waste classification in this city.


At present, there are nearly 80 active volunteers in Suzhou garbage classification, and more than 120 volunteers have registered Blue Map ID. Since March 2021 the activity of garbage sorting and hand shooting has been carried out, up to now, with the persistence and unremitting efforts of all volunteers, Suzhou garbage hand shooting has achieved close cooperation with many volunteer teams and corporate social responsibility teams in Suzhou, and achieved thousands of lights per month. We almost cover the whole city of Suzhou, and have lit Suzhou community 14,302 times in total. The lighting frequency ranks first among cities in China, and multi-party linkage leads the effect of the new fashion of waste classification. Based on the research and analysis of volunteer data, a new garbage classification model represented by Suzhou has been established throughout the country.


After a year's efforts and exploration, our waste classification has officially entered the 2.0 stage! Starting from this month, we have a new action strategy. In addition to witnessing the changes of community waste post stations, we also pay attention to whether domestic waste has been transported by classification in the transportation link? Therefore, we need to record not only the changes of the community garbage sorting station, but also the transfer situation of various garbage transfer vehicles. Let's punch in and witness the beauty of the city!!!