—— Our voice ——

Lvse Jiangnan was established on March 22, 2012. Over the past 10 years, we has promoted the solution of hundreds of environmental problems.


Lvse Jiangnan has established a cooperative model of "multiple co-governance and social sharing" with several local environmental protection bureaus. Through pollution source research, information disclosure, multi-party cooperation and other methods, Lvse Jiangnan has successfully leveraged hundreds of millions of charity funds for environmental governance.

Over the past 10 years, Lvse Jiangnan has submitted more than 400 environmental research reports to local environmental protection bureaus, and has promoted the resolution of more than 400 environmental pollution cases through multi-party cooperation.

Lvse Jiangnan supervises 13,567 heavily-controlled pollution sources across China, and since 2016 has reminded the local environmental protection departments of more than 15,000 companies that have exceeded heavily-controlled pollution source on-line monitoring threshold .

Lvse Jiangnan cooperates with the public and ecological environment departments to share the practice and experience of environmental governance through round table meetings and environmental protection theme salons, and jointly discuss solutions to environmental problems.

The quality of the living environment for Chinese citizen has been improved due to our actions. We hope to get your support to promote the solution of more environmental problems!


—— What Kind of Organization is Lvse Jiangnan?——

Lvse Jiangnan Public Environmental Concern Center (PECC) takes the mission of promoting green production of enterprises and protecting water resources in the Taihu Lake Basin. Lvse Jiangnan supervises industrial pollution emissions, promotes industry green supply chain procurement, and urges enterprises to achieve cleaner production. We carry out extensively diversified cooperation with the public, government and enterprises to realize the normative end of environmental protection in the realm of "multi-party co-governance and social sharing".


We will regularly report to you the progress of our work in monitoring pollution sources by mail, and deliver you your Donation Certificate and our Annual Report.